Sunday, May 25, 2008

Number of Bigots is Overestimated

we've seen them come out of the woodwork. they don't like obama's color. they won't shake his hand. they won't get to know him. they don't like his name. they think he's a secret terrorist. they think he hates jewish people. there are ignorant people all over and of every group -- jews, catholics, working class, white, black, poor, rich....-- but they seem to be clustered in the appalachian area. they're ugly and it's sad to know that they are there.
it's also sad that hillary exploited these people for her gain.
it's one of the reasons that an obama presidency will be a bonus. people have to be educated. hatred has to stop being perpetuated from generation to generation.
but keep in mind, for as much attention these people are getting, thanks largely to kentucky and west virginia, these folks are the minority. while it's good the media is finally paying attention, it is blowing it out of proportion and losing perspective, as it usually does when it gloms on to an issue.
they no longer represent the views of the whole of america. they aren't going to stand in the way of obama winning the election. as people get to know obama, people will sign on, just as they have this entire nomination process.