Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vets For Freedom Smearing Obama

daily kos:This is a Smear Group using an Injured Vet openly in a slime commercial accusing Barack Obama directly of not meeting with veterans while wanting to meet with people who "Hate" America. has set up a pac to smear obama. sen. joe lieberman is an "honorary" member of the pac. apparently, it was formed to help bush in his iraq war endeavors.
this pac has gone around the web posting phony information. on yahoo! answers:

Do you know that Obama refused to see 24 veterans while he was IN his office yet? He does realize how many..?
of us are veterans in this country and how many will become veterans by the end of his term in office if he would win? Did u also know he was on the Veterans Affairs Commity when he did this? And this is a man ppl are voting to be our new president?
This is from a congressional update site of veterans affairs.... u must subscribe to receive link this is what i can share..

Sergeant Anderson was one of the 12 veterans denied a meeting with Senator Obama. And like his fellow veterans, Sergeant Anderson would like to ask Senator Obama a few questions: Why hasn't he met with General Petraeus? And why won't he visit Iraq? And why would Senator Obama rather talk about meeting—unconditionally—with Iran, instead of meeting with veterans and commanders? America deserves to know.


obama has been an advocate for vets, more than any other politician that i've seen. he's called for better treatment of soldiers before, during and after war.

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