Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hillary's Crowd Goes Bonkers

omg. they start shouting "denver" when the motion to seat all the florida delegates in full. "you just took away votes," one person yelled.
alice huffman, hillary advocate, tries to bring some solace to the crowd as they vote for the half vote for each florida delegate. "when we get this vote we will leave more united than we came," alice said. hillary's crowd got ruder.
the motion passes by 27, considered unanimous.
michigan next.
harold ickes said the process was flawed. it's all wrong, wrong, wrong. more lunacy from the hillary camp.
he poked fun at wexler for drinking too much wine (according to the hillary loyalist), incited hillary's crowd. i think these people truly have crossed the line.
lastly, ickes said, as per hillary, she reserves her right to continue on like the never ending candidate to the convention.
hillary's voters keep needing reprimanding, shouting out while the committee members are speaking. it sounds like it's going to come to blows. these people are vicious and hillary's campaign needs to be shut down now.
cheers and ovations when one of the committee members tells the hillarys to stop with their propaganda.
the michigan motion: all pledged delegates restored at one half vote. hillary 69 delegates; obama 59 delegates. the motion passes 19 votes in favor; 8 votes against.motion passed. hillary's supports go nuts once again. they won't be quiet enough for people to hear what the vote was. security has been called.
the committee co-chairs get standing o for job well done