Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Superdelegate Dowdy Endorses Obama

Today, Mississippi Democratic Party Chair, Superdelegate and former United States Congressman Wayne Dowdy endorsed Barack Obama.

Dowdy is the 308.5th superdelegate to endorse Obama. Obama is now 61 delegates away from securing the nomination, and has won a majority of the pledged delegates.

We have two very talented candidates running for the Democratic nomination, but it’s clear to me that now is the time for our party to unite behind Barack Obama and build a strong, winning campaign to beat John McCain in the fall. Obama has shown he has the strength, skills and the leadership to be our Democratic nominee and take on the failed policies of the last eight years. John McCain has proven that on many issues, including continuing the war in Iraq and promoting the failed economic policies of the last eight years, a John McCain presidency will only be a continuation of the failed policies of the Bush presidency. It’s time for a change in leadership, and only Barack Obama can bring the kind of change we can believe in. He won our state of Mississippi decisively on March 11th, and I’m proud to support him today.