Friday, May 23, 2008

Obama's Jewish Supporters

i felt obliged to track down obama's jewish supporters. i knew, of course, that not everyone thought like this. after i read that, i was truly disheartened. i guess every group has their knuckleheads.
can you believe that it was the hillary camp that spread these nasty rumors to start? read it here. i used to think that hillary's supporters were oblivious to her nastiness but they aren't. they went along for the ride, believing in hillary.
here's big support for obama, jews4obama, and a poll at the jerusalem post says jewish people prefer obama to mccain 61% to 32%. so don't believe everything you read (she tells herself).
politico: A group of Obama's Jewish supporters are raising money for a supportive ad in The New York Times, according to a copy of an email from an Obama backer, Chicago lawyer Jack Levin.

"A group of Jewish Americans all across the U.S. believe Barack Obama would make the best president and hence are in the process of preparing a full-page New York Times ad — to be signed by all of us who would like to be included — showing the U.S. Jewish community?s widespread support for Barack," Levin writes, adding that the ad's sponsors will be known as "American Jewish Patriots."

The need for such an ad is a mark of Obama's continuing struggle to secure the allegiance of Jewish voters — typically a solidly Democratic group — in the face of often inchoate concerns, urban legends and viral e-mails that he's worked hard to rebut.