Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Never Mind What Went Wrong with Hillary's Campaign

what went right with obama's. give obama his due.
if i read another story about how hillary made this mistake or that mistake, i'll scream. she's made a lot of mistakes. the biggest according to me was exploiting the bigoted voters for her gain.
the other is the constant griping about florida and michigan, which she didn't care about until it mattered. lastly, her darned kitchen sink strategy that drug us all down in the sewer.
but as this story says, it wasn't about her mistakes. the simple fact is obama is the better candidate. cheers to that.
one other thing, it really irks me that she stays in the race, goading her supporters to be more defiant. many of these people have lost perspective. they don't even realize she can't win. she can't even win with superdelegates. she can't win and she's making her supporters believe that she can. maybe she has good intentions but as far as i can tell, she's only serving her ego.

npr: Bob Kerrey, who ran for president in 1992 and lost the nomination to former President Clinton, says Clinton's tactical errors in her campaign pale in comparison with a much bigger, much simpler reason for her troubles — mainly, that her opponent is a great politician.

"I'm not sure Bill Clinton could have beaten Barack Obama," he said. "Every mistake that she made, if she had not been running against Barack Obama, wouldn't even be a footnote. They're exaggerated. They're magnified because he kept out-raising her, because he was drawing enormous crowds, because he kept getting better."

Now Obama is fewer than 70 delegates away from the nomination. Clinton is left making hopeful declarations like the one she made at her victory rally Tuesday night in Louisville, Ky.: "I'm going to keep making our case until we have a nominee, whoever she may be."

It's an extraordinary reversal of fortune for a candidate who seemed unbeatable less than six months ago.