Friday, May 30, 2008

Don't Blame McClellan

i understand scott mcclellan and why he didn't come to any realizations until years after he served with bush and his club. sure, it would've been nice if he spoke up then, instead of selling the war.

the thing i don't get is i understood cheney and his sidekick bush were selling a war and i'm not exactly brilliant or anything but so many took the bait. i don't think americans took the bait because we were stupid or because the bush administration did a particularly good job at selling the war.

i think bush and his lot were able to sell it because that's what the majority of americans wanted at that time. they wanted a war and so they chose to close their eyes to the evidence. that's exactly what scott mcclellan did. he closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

now this man is being held up as a disloyal monster. he didn't know any better. he was part of the bush bubble, the small world with small beliefs. it's like being a member of any tight knit group, you tend to feed off one another, support one another. the tendency is to never be critical of one another. he was on the selling team and we were on the buying team and both parties were ready and willing.

he's said stuff that we all know now (and some of us then) was true and now he's being made into a villain because he didn't speak up then. well, that's how learning happens. we can always look back in hindsight and say, wow, was that stupid. for our part, as americans, i don't think we've looked at why we were culpable for the war in iraq. we should have held our media to a higher standard. we should've looked more carefully at the evidence, or lack of. we need to share in the blame. we need to learn a lesson so it doesn't happen again.