Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Hillary Boomers and the New Generation

age, or thinking in an enlightened, new or more global way, seems to be, above all, the chief dividing element between the obama and hillary camps. it seems ageism is being directed at the youth. obama supporters are being called naive.

the older people, or the people more inclined to relish old politics, are indignant of any kind of new thinking. how dare they? obama is often called an "empty suit" by these folks because they don't hear what the obama supporters hear. they don't hear the message. they haven't even paid attention. they've only seen hillary, the first woman president.

i think hillary and her supporters really do think that a black man can't win because they're trapped in this mindset that some of us can barely comprehend.

younger people, and more enlightened (i know that's a scary word for some) "don't give a fig about color." indeed.

this post gets to the heart of that.