Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama Resigns from Church Now a Distraction

anything anyone says at his church is scrutinized and then attributed to obama, he said. obama, who seemed very solemn or just tired, said he was sad to resign but it's all become a distraction for him and for the church.
you know the extremists (both republicans and the hillarys) are constantly checking in there to find things to use against obama.
how will obama go to another church? he says he hasn't figured it out yet. he and michelle will have to sort through it.
obama shuts down a reporter who suggests that obama would join a church to manuever politically. he says there are a lot more powerful churches in chicago.
obama says he just wants to sit in a pew quietly with his family, hear nice music, have good reflection, praise god, put money in the collection plate, grab bunch, sunday school. that's what i'm looking for, he said.
a reporter suggests he should be denouncing the church. obama says the church is not worthy of being denouncable.
frankly, i think this pursuit of obama and his church and faith has all gone too far. it's shameful.
on dnc, hillary nets a significant number of pledged delegates, he said.
obama trusts that hillary and bill will do the right thing. hmmmmm
a reporter asked about tuesday's rally in minnesota: we are getting very close to the number to win the nomination. if we hit that number on tuesday night then we will announce that and even if we don't, this is the end of the primary season and it's time to focus.