Saturday, May 31, 2008

Florida Only State With More Republican Primary Voters

florida congressman robert wexler came out strong for obama at the dnc meeting. he said contrary to the rumors and gossip, obama was not responsible for what happened with the florida primary.
he said hillary should be happy with obama's willingness to offer this concession -- she would get 19 more delegates than obama.
he also pointed out that florida was the only state in the union where the democratic turnout was less than the republican turnout (wow. more democrats have turned out than republicans in every state except for florida), making the point that all the voters didn't turn out because they didn't think their vote would count.
clinton's ickes, harold ickes, asked why 19 delegates should be considered a concession. because 19 equals the amount of delegates hillary won in ohio and pennsylvania combined, wexler said.
ickes asked wexler if he knew what "fair reflection" was.
wexler said what the heck? ickes chose not to answer. shrug on my end.
now it's getting heated.
wexler went on to take the committee to task for penalizing florida for 100%, when he and others were against it. don't fault us, he said.
alice huffman, clinton surrogate, insinuates that wexler doesn't care about the voters.
he comes back with his credentials of voter support. allan katz of florida, obama supporter, who can't be part of the dnc decision, backs wexler up.
on to michigan......