Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And When They Get Behind Closed Doors

mccain is afraid to be seen with bush so he's having a secret fundraiser. let's hope there's a cool audio to come out of that. maybe john mccain saying he's proud to offer the third bush term or something fun like that.

cnn: The Phoenix fundraiser was originally to be held as a public event at the Phoenix Convention Center but was moved to a private residence. The McCain campaign said the fundraiser was moved for privacy's sake.

But the Phoenix Business Journal said the event was moved from the convention center due to lackluster ticket sales and concern over anti-war protesters. A McCain aide denied the report on poor ticket sales.

The aide also denied that the event was moved to avoid having the senator and president appear together on camera.

"We have a policy that fundraising events are closed events," the aide said, adding that any confusion about the fundraiser originally being open to the press should be chalked up to the campaign "working out the kinks" on its first event with Bush.

obama on the mccain and bush fundraiser