Friday, May 30, 2008

McCain "Misspoke" on Troop Levels

so what says mccain's foreign policy adviser? so what? here's what: mccain is trying to say obama doesn't know what he's doing. it's interesting to note that the only way that bush can have any remnant of hope of not being the absolutely worse president in history, in history books, anyway, is if mccain wins and keeps the war going.
Even then, however, the Pentagon has said the troop levels in Iraq are expected to be at 140,000, about 8,000 more than they were prior to the troop buildup, because some of the support troops sent to Iraq would be needed.
In a conference call, Randy Scheunenmann, Mr. McCain’s senior national security and foreign policy adviser, along with Senator Jon Kyl, Republican of Arizona and a McCain supporter, went through a variety of tortured explanations defending the accuracy of Mr. McCain’s statement, before essentially conceding he had misspoken.
They criticized nitpicking over “verb tenses,” saying the examination distracted from the broader issue that Mr. Obama was ignoring the facts on the ground in Iraq, that the troop buildup was making progress.
“Take the worst possibility here, which is Senator McCain misspoke,” Senator Kyl said. “And that because of the specific words used, what he said was not entirely accurate. O.K. so what?”
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