Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Superdelegates Waak and Woods Endorses Obama

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oregonian: For the first time in 40 years, the Oregon Democratic primary has played a pivotal role in deciding who may be our president. In casting our votes, we Oregonians understood the seriousness of our decision.

As one of the superdelegates to the Democratic convention, I've been especially aware of the importance of my choice. It's a choice that may tip the scales between two extremely well-qualified and able people.

I chose to remain neutral until the Oregon votes were counted. It seemed right not to attempt to influence that vote, to listen to both candidates' messages to Oregon voters and to wait until we knew the pledged delegate count.

I have decided to support Sen. Barack Obama.

Why Obama? Because he received the majority of the votes in the Oregon primary, and he demonstrates the leadership needed to get us out of Iraq, restore our economy, begin the tough job of providing health care for all Americans and, most of all, heal the divisions in our nation. His commitment to grass-roots organizing, similar to Howard Dean's "Fifty State Strategy," will help Democrats win our down-ticket races. His deep understanding of our Constitution ensures that he will appoint judges, to both the Supreme Court and lower federal courts, who will truly defend our constitutional rights and freedoms.

In 1960, I was too young to vote, but I was so inspired by John F. Kennedy that I worked on his campaign and continue to be motivated by his legacy of social and civic responsibility. He is one of the reasons I became chairwoman of Oregon's Democratic Party. I believe that Obama is providing that same inspiration for our next generation of leaders.

Finally, the contrast between Obama and Sen. John McCain could not be clearer. On bringing troops home from Iraq. On commitment to our Constitution. On telling the American people the truth. Obama has the ability to build -- not just talk about -- a governing majority to actually solve the major challenges facing America. more

Chicago, IL -- Today, Colorado Democratic Party Chair and superdelegate Pat Waak announced her support for Barack Obama, citing his electability and strong support in Colorado.
Waak said...

Today I am proud to announce my endorsement of Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

I have maintained my neutrality throughout Colorado’s selection process but feel compelled today to announce my support for several important reasons:

First, as Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party, I am influenced by the voters of Colorado who have turned out in historic numbers over the past four months. Senator Obama won the precinct caucuses, county conventions, Congressional District conventions and the Colorado State Democratic Convention with over 60% of the vote and has brought thousands of new voters into the process.

Second, I believe that Sen. Obama and his message of change is what Colorado wants and that he will defeat John McCain in November. In fact, the most recent Rasmussen poll on May 19, 2008 shows a Sen. Obama with a 6-point lead in a head-to-head race and I think that margin will only increase as voters see the clear difference.

Finally, I believe that our country needs the type of visionary, uplifting leadership that Senator Obama has shown during this long campaign. In the state of Colorado his message of hope has attracted young people, new Democrats and Independent voters who will make up a winning coalition this fall.

As state party chair, I will continue to respect all the voters who have made different choices and I will ensure everyone is treated fairly. However, I believe the time has come to step forward and endorse Sen. Obama for president of the United States.