Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary Now Pleads to Change the Nomination Process

first off, her popular vote argument is bogus.
she hasn't won it for one, and even if she did, it doesn't matter. obama and hillary campaigned according to the current rules. it's just that obama did a far better job at strategizing the delegate process. hillary's supporters are still in the dark on delegates.
obama needs 56 more delegates, clinton needs 246. there are only 86 pledged delegates (the remaining 3 elections) and 208 supers remaining. that's some pretty daunting math for hillary. it she'd have to win the majority of the remaining 294 delegates. if they split the remaining 86 delegates, that's 43 each.
add 43 to the 208 remaining uncommitted supers and you get 251. she needs 294. obama needs 56.
hillary keeps digging deeper but only gets dirtier.
the sad thing is in a few years she won't be known for advancing women, she'll be known as the divisive person who threw the kitchen sink in desperation.
here she is making her pathetic, last ditch efforts:
cnn: In the face of Barack Obama’s insurmountable lead among pledged delegates, Hillary Clinton on Friday again declared victory in the popular vote and suggested the current nominating process fails to represent the true will of American voters.

“We’re going to have to change the system by which we pick the nominees, I believe, and we are with the system we have now,” Clinton said, responding to a supporter here who lamented the role of superdelegates in selecting the party’s nominee. “And I’m a big believer in one person one vote, and I believe in as much democracy as possible.”

Clinton told the supporter that “superdelegates will play a big role” in choosing the nominee, but said she would prefer a primary-only system in which nominating contests would be bundled together.

“I think that’s an issue for debate in the future because I believe we should have primaries everywhere, and everybody, as many people as possible should be encouraged to vote,” she said. “We ought to group them so that nobody is at the tail end, so everybody has a chance to participate. But that’s all for the future.”