Friday, May 30, 2008

DNC Saturday Meetup

these are the peeps that will decide how many florida and michigan delegates will be seated. and it is a question of how many not if. obama doesn't have to agree to seat any, but he has ALWAYS contended that they would be seated in a FAIR manner. FAIRNESS, however, isn't something hillary's crowd understands. here's an update. clinton's lawyer is demanding all delegates be seated and not award obama ANY delegates in michigan, so perhaps hillary should get fewer than obama is willing to give. all the drama will be live streamed at

cnn: In a letter addressed to the co-chairs of the committee, Clinton lawyer Lyn Utrecht said both states have already been sufficiently punished because of lack of campaign activity.
Florida Democrats voted 50 percent for Clinton and 33 percent for Obama.
"It is a bedrock principle of our Party that every vote must be counted, and thereby every elected delegate should be seated," Utrecht wrote.
"The States have already been punished because no campaign activity
was conducted in Florida or Michigan. There is no requirement or need to punish
their duly elected delegates who represent the 2.3 million voters in Michigan
and Florida who participated in the nominating process." Read the full letter (pdf)

here's a q&a of how tomorrow's throw down will work.

talking points for obama supporters attending.