Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama Now 66 Delegates Away From Nomination

with the florida and michigan delegates resolved, here's the rundown of what it means. obama should be able to gain those (about) 66 delegates with delegates from the south dakota, montana and puerto rico primaries (84 delegates altogether) and superdelegates to be the nominee by june 3, when obama will be in st. paul, minnesota with michelle for a rally.
hillary is too far behind to catch up.
let's hope that the superdelegates step up to the plate and finally end this so hillary doesn't plod on to the convention.
after watching the rules and bylaws meeting, i have to wonder: what is it that hillary's supporters are really fighting for or against? they've sort of got a mob mentality going on and were highly disrespectful of the proceedings. here's a hillary supporter who's switched to obama after ickes incited the hillarys.