Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guam Superdelegate Pilar Lujan Breaks Promise

lujan had promised to endorse the winner of guam (obama) but has chosen to endorse hillary.
if this was any other election, between any other candidates, superdelegates would've rallied behind obama.
but some people have deep loyalties to the clintons, as opposed to the party. anyone endorsing hillary now, (there aren't many) when she doesn't have a chance to win, instead of rallying around obama, has some other issue.
here are a couple of more who have recently endorsed hillary:
Added Massachusetts add-on Martha Coakley (MA)# for Clinton5-21-08 - Added Ohio add-on William Bashein (OH)# for Clinton -
Ohio add-on superdelegate William Craig Bashein has endorsed Clinton

here's a list of those who are uncommited