Friday, October 30, 2009

Wingnuts Go Wild With White House Guest List

Legitimate journalists went out of their way today to write that White House visitors Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Jordan and Michael Moore weren't THE ones that we all know. But that didn't stop the wingnuts from raising a fuss. They know fellow wingnuts don't care about truth. What's that? They'll simply say the White House is covering up. Paranoid minds. The price of transparency.
The White House warns that many names that may appear familiar — and controversial — do not in fact refer to the most famous people to carry those names. Jeremiah Wright is on the list, but it's not the president's former pastor. This Michael Jordan is not the basketball player. This Michael Moore is not a filmmaker. The William Ayers who took a group tour of the White House isn't the former radical from Chicago who figured so prominently in the 2008 campaign. And the Angela Davis on the list has a different middle initial than the activist and former fugitive. First Read.
See the White House visitor log here.