Saturday, October 31, 2009

Is Public Option Worth the Fuss?

The House public option would only cover 2% of Americans.
It has long been my humble opinion that the public option became nothing more than a political football. It became THE topic of discussion and nothing else would do. What about fee for service?
Meanwhile, the public option doesn't even do what it's supposed to do. It doesn't drive down costs. It drives up everyone's premiums and it doesn't give nearly enough people affordable coverage. Olympia Snowe may be right. Democrats MUST get this right. If there's going to be a public option it better be a good one. Health reform can't just be a lame bill. It has to be a bill that offers Americans affordable coverage. That's the whole point.
Some experts are wondering if lawmakers have wasted too much time arguing about the public plan, giving short shrift to basics such as ensuring that new coverage will be affordable.

"The public option is a significant issue, but its place in the debate is completely out of proportion to its actual importance to consumers," said Drew Altman, president of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation. "It has sucked all the oxygen out of the room and diverted attention from bread-and-butter consumer issues, such as affordable coverage and comprehensive benefits." MSNBC