Friday, October 23, 2009

McCain Speaks on U.S. Foreign Policy

It doesn't seem that John McCain ought to speaking on U.S. foreign policy since he isn't setting foreign policy and he doesn't agree with Obama's foreign policy and Obama is the president.

McCain, who's still calling himself the loyal opposition, tells of what he would do different if he was president. McCain says he would rely on the judgement of Stanley McChrystal and his own judgement on Afghanistan. He says Obama is taking too long to decide on troop numbers and says no one expected a legitimate government in Afghanistan in the first place.

Then McCain goes on to rip Obama's domestic policy. I don't mind that so much. But I don't think McCain ought to be speaking on foreign policy. Country First.

He says he won't be running for president again and that it's too early to tell if Sarah Palin has a chance to be a presidential contender.
Al Jazeera's David Frost describes McCain as 8 points away from being president in 2008: