Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tea Party Express Brings on the Hate

Do these people (in the video below) realize that they look like idiots? I'm tired of these people claiming to be "real Americans" as if the rest of us aren't real. If being a real American means being ignorant, then they fit the bill.

What they are is a fearful bunch of people, afraid of progress, trying to hold on to days gone by.

I'm still not buying this argument that they're opposed to taxes. Uh-uh. Otherwise, what's with all the hate signs, the hateful rhetoric? There's something deeper and all one needs to do is visit freerepublic, one of the tea party express sponsors, to find out. Not accessible on freerepublic's main page anymore is the "obamatruthfile," where they discuss Obama's Kenyan birth. One of today's choice comments:
Obama’s Granny raised him while his Mother went whoring around with other men.
They're talking about the president.

I don't believe the tea partiers would be up in arms if we had a white democrat for president. I've seen too much evidence to the contrary. If I was afraid of paying more taxes, I certainly wouldn't associate with a hate group to get my point across. After all, who's going to listen to idiots with idiot signs and idiot language? Now, if someone speaks in a mature manner about the cost of high taxes, then people are going to listen.
The tea partiers are merely a hate group in disguise.
Llyod Marcus? What a wacko. He's a tea party entertainer.

Check out his website. He's selling ringtones, CDs... Here's his letter to Rush:
Dear Rush,
We are so very sorry about what the scruple-less liberal bias conservative hating media have done and are continuing to do to you. While we realize you are a big boy and can handle it, you are still a human being. This international personal attack on your character based on such absurd charges has to be extremely painful.
We, your 20 million plus loyal fans are outraged. You have our total support.
The tea partiers are back on board with "countdown to judgement day." I'm glad the reporter asked about the children. They are being harmed at these events. I like to think that children are resilient and smart but how else does hate breed if it's not taught?

Apparently, there is some friction in the tea party movement. There are the tea party patriots and the tea party express. Rachel Maddow says the difference between the two are that the patriots are more supportive of the republicans. But I think what's happening is that the people who want to talk about taxes are separating themselves from the haters. The tea party express, promoted by Fox, are the haters.