Saturday, October 24, 2009

Michelle Obama on Jay Leno Video

Michelle Obama's approval ratings are high. Michelle appeared on Jay Leno's 10@10 last night.

It's good to have a hula hooping First Lady:

Charles Blow writes on the awesomeness of Michelle:
Forgive me in advance for fawning, but Michelle Obama is the coolest first lady ever. She clinched it for me this week by jumping double Dutch on the South Lawn as part of a “healthy kids fair.”

The scene underscored my impression of the first lady as utterly unencumbered by convention. She seems to feel free — free enough to loosen up and laugh a little, free enough to let her inner child peek through the veil of parenthood, free enough to be herself.

I couldn’t imagine recent first ladies jumping a puddle on the sidewalk, let alone two ropes swinging at the same time in opposite directions. So, on behalf of New York City, the so-called double Dutch capital of the world (so much so that this year it became a varsity sport in the city’s schools), allow me to say: Well played. Read the rest at NYT
But believe it or not, some people don't like Michelle because they say she's not "sophisticated." That's interesting because I've seen Michelle mighty sophisticated. She has the ability to be playful and elegant. She is always genuine. Here's one of the comments on Blow's story that received a lot of recommendations:
I don't find "unencumbered" to be a fitting attribute of a first lady. "Sophisticated" would be more appropriate for playing on the world stage, something she has not displayed.