Sunday, September 23, 2012

This Week Roundtable on Immigration Reform

One of these people doesn't belong at the table. Ann Coulter is an unreasonable, irrational person. Her voice is fringe and doesn't belong in a legit discussion. She should be publicly shamed not given the opportunity to spew her brand of hate. She's also the loudest person at the table. Other than that, a good discussion.

If you missed Obama and Romney's appearance on Univision, here is the full videos:

One thing you should know about Mitt's appearance is that he was much more moderate than he has been. Also, in case you're wondering why Obama's audience is mostly as quiet as a mouse and Mitt's audience is boisterous, Mitt requested a stacked audience, which says a lot about Mitt's lack of character.

Contrary to what Ann Coulter said, Mitt was insulting and offensive at the rich people mansion fundraiser. I've posted his full despicable remarks on a variety of topics below. The wealthy audience is also condescending, self-righteous and a bunch of jerks. Mitt also appears very comfortable and at ease schmoozing with folks such as himself. Here is the video on the 47% in case you missed it:

Part 1

Part 2