Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Rich are the Beleaguered, Hardworking Victims

Joy Reid nails it. Conservatism today says the rich are the hardworking victims who are being dragged down by the moochers. That is what Mitt and the GOP truly believe -- that they are superior and they need to keep more of what they earn, relative to everyone else because they see themselves as better people. Mitt's remarks pretty much confirm that.

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Watch the whooping it up when Mitt says "then we don't make that a permanent lifestyle," thereby insulting people all over again. I'm sure that the majority of people who get food stamps or other government assistance, do so reluctantly. They certainly don't want to make it a permanent lifestyle. Mitt is such an arse, of the largest proportions. But he's appealing to his base. They want him to say and believe these things.

Fox News tries to bash Obama -- love the banner "President's youth brigade dwindles." Whoopsies, pranked. And yet another Fox News mistake as it unabashedly hates on Obama. I'm convinced that FN and GOP don't really know much about Obama, blinded by their bias.