Thursday, September 20, 2012

Romney and GOP Lying About Obama's Redistribution Remarks

Update: Washington Post gives Romney, Lyin Ryan and GOP four pinocchios on the Obama "redistribution" clip .

Yes, Obama said the word "redistribution," but he didn't mean taking from the rich to give to the poor. The GOP are desperate. Funny, they reached all the way back to 1998. Romney and Lyin Ryan have been all over this.

After having the redistribution comments up for most of the day without the full video of Obama's remarks, following the lead of Fox News, NBC finally posted the full context last night. You can see what Obama said after he said "redistribution" at about the four minute mark. Leading up to that is Mitt's attempt in front of a Univision audience to be normal. Mitt says he doesn't mind being called the "grandfather of Obamacare." Chuck Todd says Mitt is attempting to pivot. I think he's just saying what he thinks the audience wants to hear because Mitt is a coward.

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In the full clip of Obama's remarks, you can see he's not talking about redistribution the wealth of the rich. The GOP is a lame party right now, running on nothing but fumes and hatred of Obama:

The Obama campaign is genius.