Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romney's Discomfort With Being Human

Source: Wonkette Other Romney and GOP sadz:
Gone was the pretense that he will be a president of all Americans. Mr. Romney rather neatly divided the country between the people who matter and the 47 percent he does not care about. NYT
Rick Perry is being even more of his moronic, self righteous self.
More on 47% Romney:
At the heart of the debate over “the 47 percent” is an awful abuse of tax data. This entire conversation is the result of a (largely successful) effort to redefine the debate over taxes from “how much in taxes do you pay” to “how much in federal income taxes do you pay?” This is good framing if you want to cut taxes on the rich. It’s bad framing if you want to have even a basic understanding of who pays how much in taxes. WaPo
Republicans are claiming that the taping of Mitt's fundraiser may be illegal wiretapping, which is absurd. Ludicrous. Ridiculous. Romney is running for president, the most high profile job in the US. Nothing he does is private.

Mitt wrote an op-ed saying he will lift people out of poverty. When republicans say this, what they mean is they'll cut taxes and reduce regulations to improve conditions for the rich, which will, consequently, improve conditions for everyone. It's called trickle down economics. It's old and worn and doesn't work. Period.