Sunday, September 23, 2012

Obama and Romney on 60 Minutes Video

Obama answered a lot of tough questions. Great interview.

I hate the way Mitt says entrepreneur. Okay, that's a silly thing. The other thing I can't stand is the republican drumbeat that Obama wants to grow the debt and deficit. Obama responded to a recession (and like he said, he was handed debt from two unpaid wars, tax cuts and Medicare part D).

I'm still trying to figure out what Mitt was saying about taxes. Everyone is going to have the same tax rate?

When republicans say "freedom" I know it's a dog whistle -- Obama's trying to make everyone dependent on government -- and has no real meaning. We're free people. Why would Obama, or anyone for that matter, want us to be dependent on government? It's absurd.

Romney on people without healthcare: "They don't sit in their apartment and die."

Overall, Mitt sounded somewhat normal in this interview. Etch-A-Sketchy, shaky shaky. He still sounded sort of a like a baby, though, when compared to Obama. Seems like Obama's interview was tougher, but that's expected given he's the incumbent. Pelley seemed sort of soft, though.