Sunday, September 30, 2012

Romney and GOP's Koch Brothers Trying to Buy Florida Supreme Court

Republicans should lose for many reason this go around, first and foremost because their candidate is sub par. But there are plenty of other reasons, such as throwing their money around to try and buy elections, voters and judges.
The new stealth campaign against three Florida Supreme Court justices is being backed by those meddling right-wing billionaires from Wichita, Charles and David Koch.

They couldn’t care less about Florida, but they love to throw their money around.

Last week they uncorked the first of a series of commercials from their political action committee, Americans for Prosperity. The targets are Justices R. Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente and Peggy Quince.

They were three of the five-vote majority that in 2010 knocked down a half-baked amendment slapped together by state lawmakers seeking to nullify the federal Affordable Health Care Act.

The Florida Supreme Court upheld lower court decisions in finding that the proposed amendment contained “misleading and ambiguous language,” the hallmark of practically everything produced by this Legislature. Stoned chimpanzees have a keener grasp of constitutional law. Read more at Miami Herald
If you're unfamiliar with the Koch Brothers, here's a link to more info.

Here's an informative video. Jane Mayer says they are radical libertarians. The Koch Brothers are the tea party: