Friday, September 28, 2012

Climate Change Offers Grim Prognosis for Seafood

Climate Change. CO2 emissions are linked to changing our climate. Note that Mitt doesn't believe there is a consensus on climate change. That's what he told Scientific American. Read it for yourself. Another thing, as a businessman, profits come before the environment. We really haven't heard Romney say much about the environment at all, when everything is linked to it -- the economy, our very existence.
"The science around our industry has already told us a sad story," said Taylor spokesman Bill Dewey. "Our fate is sealed for the next several decades. Even if we change our CO2 emission policies today and stop the assault, [scientists] have told us it's probably going to get worse for the next 50 years before it gets better." He and other experts who gathered in Monterey this week say they fear the fate of the Pacific Northwest's oysters is the first hint of widespread disruption of marine ecosystems and commercial fisheries that is likely to result as CO2 sours the world's seas. Scientific American
Read Obama and Romney's energy policy.
Then there's this: