Friday, May 21, 2010

White House Press Briefing May 21 and The Week Ahead

Saturday: Obama will deliver commencement at West Point. Obama will outline some of the broad principles in his national security strategy to be released next week.

Monday: Obama will meet with the Prime Minister of Lebanon.

Tuesday: Obama will host small biz owners at the White House; Obama will welcome President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, to the White House; Obama will travel to San Francisco for Barbara Boxer and the DSCC.

Wednesday: Obama will visit Solyndra solar factory in Fremont, Calif. He'll make remarks there and return to D.C.

Thursday: Obama will welcome Duke basketball players to the White House. The Obamas will host a reception for Jewish American Heritage Month.

The White House press's line of questioning on Admiral Dennis Blair makes me nutty. Haven't they heard of saving face? Why should the Obama administration publicly humiliate Blair?

The press also wants the government to take over the oil spill clean up. They cite all of the criticism out there about the effort. Gibbs explains that BP owns the equipment and the government is overseeing their effort and that the government has been involved since the beginning.