Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama Gives Update on Wall Street Reform

Update: Financial reform passes the Senate. Now the bills have to be merged. ETA to Obama's desk is July. That's two major pieces of legislation done under the Obama administration.

Updated with full video
Update: Obama essentially said he's glad to see reform moving forward but there's more work to do. The bill has to be reconciled with the House bill.
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Republicans Scott Brown, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe voted with the democrats to move the bill forward, while democrats Maria Cantwell and Russ Feingold voted with the republicans.

This is a live stream scheduled for 4:20 pm eastern time. This is the latest:
The U.S. Senate voted Thursday to end debate on the biggest overhaul of financial regulation since the 1930s, allowing a final vote on the bill later on Thursday or on Friday. More at MSNBC