Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drill Baby Drill Herself Says Obama Too Close to Oil

Sarah Palin is an ignoramus. The fact that people listen Palin at all still astounds me.
Pointing to what she termed the White House's relationship with "the oil companies who have so supported President Obama in his campaign and are supportive of him now," Palin wondered aloud "if there's any connection there to President Obama taking so doggone long to get in there, to dive in there, and grasp the complexity and the potential tragedy that we are seeing here in the Gulf of Mexico."
McCain/Palin got twice as much as Obama and her musings are ludricous:
Gibbs said: "My suggestion to Sarah Palin would be to get slightly more informed as to what's going on in and around oil drilling in this country."

The oil and gas industry donated $2.4 million to Palin's running mate, Republican John McCain, in the 2008 election cycle, and nearly $900,000 to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics' website. LAT
Then she goes on to say something that doesn't even make sense. How would BP's oil spill been different if it was closer to the shore than offshore? Wouldn't the effects have been worse?
"Maybe this is a lesson too for those who oppose safe, domestic supplies being extracted on our shores and on the land," she said, citing regions in Alaska. "Let us drill there where it is even safer than way offshore."

Palin has been a longtime advocate of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which environmentalists say should remain protected.
How the story was framed by anti-Obama publication, Newsmax:
"I don't know why the question isn't asked by the mainstream media and by others if there's any connection with the contributions made to president Obama and his administration and the support by the oil companies to the administration," she told Fox News Sunday.

More than 3.5 million dollars has been given to candidates by BP over the last 20 years, with the largest single donation, 77,051 dollars, going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.