Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jindal and Colin Powell on This Week

Bobby Jindal and Colin Powell were on This Week.
Jindal says what you might expect him to say.
Colin Powell says Obama was on top of the oil spill but he didn't convey that to the American people. I'll buy that.
Obama sends out his cabinet people first. People want to see the president on their TVs. They want to see the president in the disaster area.
The media hammered on the narrative that Obama wasn't visible. Powell says when a disaster happens, the president needs to be highly visible at the start or else the media will fill the void.
Powell also talks about DADT. Jake Tapper shows a 17-year old clip of Powell making the case against gays in the military. Powell says he feels differently now. The country has changed, he said. He says he's in favor of repealing DADT, but he said the opinions of the senior military leadership must be heard.
In part two, he talks about Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and education.

Part 2

This was a great roundtable, all the way around. The only people who don't favor repealing DADT are republicans in office.