Friday, May 28, 2010

Obama Stands by Gates on Defense Spending

Robert Gates stands by Obama. Gates says that Obama will veto a spending bill that funds unnecessary defense projects. Obama's statement:
As the Congress continues its work on funding bills for the Department of Defense, I want to reiterate my strong support for the reforms Secretary Gates is advancing at the Pentagon. He has kept me fully apprised of his efforts to reform how our military operates and bring needed efficiencies to the Department of Defense. I stand squarely behind Secretary Gates' position on the JSF second engine and C-17 programs. As the Statement of Administration Policy made clear, our military does not want or need these programs being pushed by the Congress, and should Congress ignore this fact, I will veto any such legislation so that it can be returned to me without those provisions.
The House voted to include the jet engine in the defense spending bill. The problem with politicians is they always have a short-term view.