Friday, May 21, 2010

Gingrich May Run for President

Tom Schaller at 538 thinks that Newt Gingrich could win the republican nomination for president. I know Newt touts himself as the ideas guy, but I don't think Newt has a chance because he's stale, dug up from another time. Some people should be dug up, but not Newt.
He also has ancient views on foreign policy. America dictating to the world just doesn't cut it anymore.

The fact that he also keeps referring to Obama as a "radical," and a "socialist machine" puts him in the camp of the extremists on the right. By the time elections come around, I think the country is going to be plenty sick of extremes. By then the economy should be much better and people will have moved on from blaming the government.
So I guess I would ask you to give us a status update on where your thinking is about a candidacy for the presidency.

Newt Gingrich: Calista and I will make a global decision probably in February or March. We are methodically trying to think through what we’re going to do. We run four small companies and we have a lot of other activities. So we’re taking steps so that if we do decide to run everything will be in order.

And I have to say that the failure of the Obama Administration in practical, real terms—jobs, terrorism and other issues—and the radicalism of the Obama Administration, I think make both me and Calista more inclined to say, “Yea, looking at it in the context of what is our duty as citizens, how do we live that out?” Read 538's interview with Newt here.