Friday, May 21, 2010

Now We Know Rand Paul is Off Kilter

Hello tea party!
Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul said Friday that President Barack Obama's criticism of BP in the wake of the Gulf oil debacle sounds "really un-American." MSNBC
Really? He says BP shouldn't be blamed because it was just an accident. I'm sitting here in disbelief. Rand Paul is wacky and when someone uses the "un-American" crutch when talking about Obama, it makes them all the less believable and more wacky.
In an interview Friday on ABC's "Good Morning America," Paul says the president's response is part of the "blame game" that's played in the United States.
Paul said that leads to the thinking that tragic incidents are "always someone's fault" and added, sometimes accidents just happen.
Rand Paul says he's suffered from all the criticism as of late and wonders where his honeymoon is:

Paul is a tea partier through and through. He believes in the dismantling of government, the elimination of oversight agencies. He believes business should rule the roost and that left on their own, business owners will make the right decisions. Here is Paul talking about eliminating EPA and OSHA and his comments on Obama. Paul will continue to sink any chance he might've had to win the general election because his ideology is so rigid, he'll continue to say things that sound normal to him, but off kilter to most people.