Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smug Cantor Still Playing Games

Eric Cantor is a perfect example of why most of the nation blames republicans for the direction of the nation. He's so divisive. He's got this smugness and says the republicans have stood "ready and willing" to work with Obama. What a lie. He says the stimulus didn't work. Politics aside, MOST economists say the stimulus worked. How could it not work? He also says republicans are willing to work with democrats. What a lie. But as Robert Gibbs put it this morning, now they have to work with democrats. When democrats had the supermajority, republicans could be the Party of No and just watch the democrats be fully responsible for imploding. Now republicans actually have do something. But still, I don't see any sign that Congress is working on behalf of the American people. They're all just worried about losing their jobs. They always seem to be in a state of incompetent fear.

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