Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scott Brown Arrives in Washington

Brown says he's going to work across party lines, which is going to start ticking some people off, particularly the fringe of the tea party. Here is a telling comment posted on youtube:
KIll the Bill... Thats why you were voted into office !!! Don't flip flop now...
Brown is the new hope for independents and as an independent, I'm going to watch him closely because he's not a Sarah Palin. He's a substantive person even though I disagree with him on things, such as how to handle terrorists. Brown believes the law shouldn't play a role. But I want to see if he follows through on being bipartisan or if he's pressured into signing on with the republicans or if he affects the republicans. It's also interesting that conservatives are following him when he's for abortion rights. That says a few things, that independents really did vote for Brown and conservative/tea partiers had ulterior motives--blocking health reform.

Brown makes the rounds: