Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bayh's Advice for Obama

Mike Pence, by the way, has decided not to challenge Evan Bayh, probably because Bayh is popular in Indiana. While liberals are telling Obama he needs to move more to the left, moderates such as Bayh are advising Obama to move center. Still the same old battle, and the same one that blocked healthcare. I'm with Bayh. The majority of the country and the independents, really want people working together. Obama can't run the nation from one corner. I think Scott Brown's election made that clear.
"The only way Democrats can govern in this country is by making common cause with moderates and independents," he said. "It may be too late to regain them on health care. It's not too late to regain them on spending." To a president being pulled by some toward the left, and by others toward easy populism, Evan Bayh makes the case for driving a stake firmly in the political center instead. WSJ
Bayh says Obama needs to get tougher on Congress:
President Barack Obama, Mr. Bayh said in an interview, needs to "step it up" in his State of the Union address Wednesday and get tougher with Congress. Here's his message to the White House: "My strong advice is for you to draw a line in the sand on spending in the State of the Union, and to have the president pledge to veto spending bills that exceed the limits he puts out." The White House may be tacking in that direction; officials say it's preparing a plan to freeze some domestic spending.