Sunday, January 31, 2010

Axelrod Says Healthcare Won't Wait

David Axelrod, on Meet the Press, says healthcare doesn't have to wait and that's not what Americans want. Obama's still determined to get it done. Axelrod also says people are tired of politics. Yep.
The roundtable was pretty interesting. David Brooks is right. The government can't do anything to grow jobs. The stimulus and another jobs bill can keep the situation from getting worse, but jobs won't grow until people start buying stuff again and people aren't buying stuff because they're trying to save money and be more fiscally responsible. About 10% of workers can't spend money because they don't have a job.
Companies aren't going to hire if they can squeeze the workers they have and still make a profit.
But the Obama administration, and most economists, are predicting job growth --with or without a jobs bill -- by spring.
In the future, I don't think we're going to have a consumer-driven economy anymore, which is why Obama spends so much time on the green economy. We have to create another kind of economy, one where we create things to export, not just an economy where we buy, buy, buy. There's also another hugely serious problem--there are jobs, but Americans aren't skilled enough to get them. Our education system is lagging.
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