Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cantor Says Obama's Speech Lacked Focus

The smug Eric Cantor said Obama's speech lacked focus. No, it didn't lack focus. Obama's got a lot to accomplish. The republicans think they can have it both ways--wreak havoc on the economy and on our nation and then criticize the president who comes in to fix everything. The GOP is ugly. Bipartisanship is looking to be a fairy tale.
Watch Cantor here.
Rudy Giuliani wishes that Obama said "terrorism," "terrorist," "terror" more often.
Ultimately, it's not the speech the matters, but the actions. Pundits place too much importance on speeches, especially Obama's, just so they have something to talk about for days on end.
The republicans' single focus isn't to help govern. It's to get back in power:

Here's Joe Biden: