Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama Visits Nashua New Hampshire Feb. 2

Update Feb. 2: Watch video here.

Update: Obama will appear at Nashua High School North for a town hall to be held at 2:15 pm eastern. The event is likely to be live streamed at MSNBC.com. There will be an audio stream at WhiteHouse.gov.
Jim Demers, Concord lobbyist and former Obama campaign co-chairman during the New Hampshire primary campaign confirmed that President Obama will visit Nashua on Tuesday.

"I’m aware that he is going to be coming to the Nashua area and it is my sense that he will be carrying the message from his State of the Union address to the people here," he said. "It is one of many stops across the country he has planned."

Demers said polls indicate Obama remains "very popular in New Hampshire. Union Leader