Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glenn Beck Shuns O'Keefe

Does Glenn Beck believe his words have no consequences? He's been calling for a revolution. Hello. He's helping all sorts of people rationalize their bad behavior. Beck leaves James O'Keefe cold and lonely:
But O'Keefe, now accused with three others of posing as telephone repairmen in the New Orleans office of Democratic Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, won't find any comfort from Beck's corner. O'Keefe and friends face federal charges for the incursion in the senator's office.

"If they were doing that, it's Watergate,'' Beck said on the radio today. "That's insanely stupid, and illegal - if it's true.

"You don't do anything illegal. That's Watergate territory,'' Beck suggested. "You just don't do that. Besides that, I don't think you even go dressed up. It's a senator, for the love of Pete, it's a senator.'' Swamp