Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama and Biden Attend Georgetown-Duke Basketball Game

Obama spent some time in the broadcast booth analyzing the game.

"First of all, if the Buckeyes are bragging about beating an Ivy League team, that doesn't say much," Mr. Obama said. "Number two, Clark's got a few inches on my brother-in-law. It's true that my brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, he will acknowledge that Clark had a pretty good game. I heard it from the source. I can't deny it."

"There you go!" said Kellogg. "I appreciate that, Craig."

Mr. Obama even handled some color commentary himself on a replay: "This was a terrific spin move and he didn't get any help coming back."

"That's well done," said Kellogg. "You can handle this job if you need to. Obviously, you've got one that's requiring a lot of your time and attention."

"After retirement, I'm coming after your job, partner," Mr. Obama said. "Just to let you know. You either have three more years, or seven, I'm not sure which, but you need to plan accordingly, since I'm going to do some play-by-play."

Mr. Obama was also treated to a replay of himself on the court. Let's go to the videotape: "That's heartbreak right there, oh," he sighed.

Verne Lundquist asked if the president, a left-hander, had any problems going to his right.

"I went to the Republican House Caucus just yesterday to prove that I can go to my right once in a while," he said, "but there is no doubt that I've got a stronger left hand."

Before leaving, Mr. Obama pointed out his assistant, Reggie Love ("a Duke guy") was suffering the worst case of nerves this afternoon. "He's a little stressed at the moment." Read it all at CBS

Verne Lundquist and Clark Kellogg chat about Obama's replay: