Sunday, January 24, 2010

Liberals Insisting Brown's Win Wasn't About Healthcare

Liberals don't want to admit that Scott Brown was elected, in part, so that he could vote against the healthcare bill. Yes, Massachusetts has healthcare. No, they didn't want the Senate bill. Yes, that's one of the big reasons they elected Brown. But liberals won't admit it because they want to pass healthcare as it stands. Anything that has to be rammed through can't be good. Also, Ben Nelson shouldn't get his special deal. The NYT's Frank Rich, voice of liberals, has his agenda, which is that Obama needs to move more to the left to be a good president. Here's another disappointed liberal ranting. I'm tired of the liberals. I'm tired of the conservatives. They're all wrong:
It was not a referendum on Barack Obama, who in every poll remains one of the most popular politicians in America. It was not a rejection of universal health care, which Massachusetts mandated (with Scott Brown’s State Senate vote) in 2006. It was not a harbinger of a resurgent G.O.P., whose numbers remain in the toilet. Brown had the good sense not to identify himself as a Republican in either his campaign advertising or his victory speech.

And yet Tuesday’s special election was a dire omen for this White House. If the administration sticks to this trajectory, all bets are off for the political future of a president who rode into office blessed with more high hopes, good will and serious promise than any in modern memory. More at NYT