Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mike Pence Says Republicans Have Been Little Angels

It's interesting to watch everyone hitch their wagons to Scott Brown. Yesterday, Dick Armey said he hitched FreedomWorks' (part of the tea party) wagon to Brown when he started to see him take off:
He was so energetic, enthusiastic in the race that the grassroots activists just came to respect him and they regarded him. And they sort of govern by a notion we call Armey's axiom: Hard work beats Daddy's money.

He wasn't going to Washington to bring in money. He was getting on the Internet. He was talking to people from Massachusetts. He was funding from local initiatives and he was matching every dollar's worth of money he got with his own effort on the ground. And folks said, you know, look, if he's willing to work that hard, we ought to work for him. So they really pitched in.
Representative Mike Pence has a lot of gall to say that republicans have been bipartisan. Not in the least. Just look at his eyes when he answers. That's what people are sick of, lying politicians. I'm so sick of politics right now. I think the trouble we're having as a nation is shifting from politics to governing. Everyone wants to play politics but no one wants to do the work. Politics gets in the way of governing.
As far as offering "substantive" alternative proposals. Ha! I think it's a well known fact that republicans haven't offered any solutions, which is why Scott Brown bubbled up. The media says that Brown's election bodes well for the republicans. Hardly. It's another repudiation of republicans. Pence is one of the biggest liars they've got and now he may run against Evan Bayh:

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