Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scott Brown's Interview with Barbara Walters on This Week

Scott Brown is pretty okay.
He's not a religious zealot, he's willing to work with Obama, he is pro-choice, he supported Bernanke and isn't calling for Tim Geithner's head. Brown is level headed and doesn't seem interested in sniping. He's seems amenable to working on healthcare. I especially liked what he said about terrorism.
He doesn't seem interested in blaming or grading, just keeping the nation safe.
He was wrong when he said Obama's never visited the republican caucus before. Obama has.
He's quite good at shutting down--in a direct but quiet way--dumb media questions too. Just how many times is the media going to include his centerfold in an interview?
Brown appears to be the republican version of Obama. What more could you ask for in a republican? It remains to be seen if he can stand as a Scott Brown republican without being tainted by the GOP. Watch part 1 here and 2 here.
During the roundtable, Paul Krugman made an interesting point: people still think they're voting for individuals when they're voting for parties. Hmmm.
But people are making a statement with the individual they vote for. With Scott Brown, they said they wanted fiscal responsibility, they wanted to see the current healthcare legislation tossed out the window and they wanted bipartisanship. Brown may change the republicans.
As a side note, I'm officially very, very tired of Arianna Huffington.

The left-handed Brown is signing autographs on his "thank you" tour: