Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Obama's Speech in Wakarusa Indiana $2.4 Billion for Electric Cars

Obama announced $2.4 billion in competitive grants for electric carmaking at Monaco RV in Wakarusa, Indiana. Here is the list of grant recipients. He said he doesn't want to import hybrids, he wants to make them here.
Indiana is the second largest recipient of the grants. Obama emphasized the cars will be Made in the USA. He also made a pitch for education reform, saying we need to build engineers in America.
Obama also said the R&D tax credit is now permanent.
On the stimulus, he said there's a lot of misinformation. 1/3 of stimulus is tax relief. 1/3 emergency relief. 1/3 investments for short/long term. Obama has long had a three pronged approach to the economy: education, health reform, new energy. He touched on all of these in Elkhart county.
Full video:
Indiana news says Monaco RV went broke, sold to Navistar. Now Navistar wants to build electric trucks there. Navistar is getting a $39 million grant. Seven projects in Indiana will receive $400 million in grants:

Here's some good news. In the Q&A that just concluded with Chuck Todd, Obama says he prefers to have republicans on board with healthcare but it's getting done with or WITHOUT them.
RV workers talk about the decline in the RV market: