Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If You're Wingnut Weary Read this

I've realized, I'm wingnut weary.

I'm tired of them and all their gross exaggerations and their lies and their pushiness and hostility and hate and anger and selfishness. I'm tired of their infatuation with guns. I'm tired of their ignorance.

Democrats need to rally the courage of their convictions. We voted for health reform and now a bunch of misbehaved bad apples are spoiling everything because they happen to be whinier and squeakier than everyone else. Wingnuts are having troubles coming to grips with a changing nation. But that's their problem, even though they act like it's ours.

They had their years and their chances.
Mudflats is weary too:
I remember as a child I was not allowed to watch Hogan’s Heroes. It wasn’t a joke in my house. There was nothing funny about prisoner of war camps. There were no handsome well-fed prisoners with secret tunnels under their bunks, and pirate radio equipment who always managed to play their captors for the fool. There were frightened, emaciated young men whose minds and bodies were broken an ocean away from home, who were shot on fences , and who ate cats, and watched their friends die. There was nothing to laugh about. Those were Nazis.

I am tired of people comparing Obama to Hitler. I am tired of seeing signs with swastikas and nazi symbols at health care rallies. I am tired of people saying that a health care plan designed to uplift millions of Americans to give them dignity, and choice and the ability to care for their families, is like Naziism. I am tired of Rush Limbaugh. Read the whole post. It's a good read
h/t to Twitter for recommend.