Friday, August 28, 2009

Stephanopoulos: Kennedy Would've Compromised

I believe George is right. Now we're going to have all these fights about what Kennedy would've wanted. He wanted health care for everyone. That's pretty clear. But is it going to get done all at once? Doubtful. People are ignoring the math. There's practically no way health reform that includes a public option is going to pass the Senate without some republican votes, all of the blue dogs and Robert Byrd, who's ailing.
Robert Reich says beware of the naysayers, political insiders, who say public option is dead. Okay. I'll hold out hope.
Frankly, I see too many wingnuts making themselves heard but not enough fight coming from the supporters. The wingnuts are only going to escalate the fight once congress is in session. We think the rhetoric has settled down. No way. Wingnuts think there is a major socialist plot underway. They've convinced one another. It's only going to get wingnuttyer.

Howard Dean disagrees with George and says Kennedy will get it done beyond the grave if he has to. Funny.